Banks Botanicals brings a contemporary non-alcoholic, organic, sugar free distilled spirit that is made to be savoured.

Mix things up with and try a couple of new cocktail inspirations.

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Banks Botanicals

Mix Notes

When mixing drinks with a non-alcoholic spirit such as Banks we want to reduce time that Banks mixes with Ice before the drink is served.

This is because the flavours are water soluble so as the ice melts it dilutes the flavours. It is suggested to always dry mix ingredients in a shaker before pouring over ice or adding ice to the shaker.


Cocktails FAQs

What is a mocktail?

Mocktails recipes are a non-alcoholic version of your favourite cocktail.

The best mocktails can be simple, complex, fruity or savoury and depends on your personal taste profile and preference. There is a misconception that mocktails are always sweet when in fact, they are as sophisticated and bold as the world's best cocktails.

From herbaceous to fruity, mocktails use the same mixology approach and tools that cocktails and require as much skill to make them.

Explore our range of easy mocktails.

What are some of the best healthy mocktails?

There are many simple mocktails you can make by blending ingredients like fruits, natural sweeteners, and even herbs and bitters. At banks botanicals we welcome you to the mix right from the comfort of your home. Read on for more healthy mocktail ideas.


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