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We are makers of an Australian Botanical non-alcoholic spirit distilled in Healesville within Victoria’s beautiful Yarra Valley.

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Our Story

Banks is made to mix long nights with early starts. Banks is made to mix perfectly with tonic without being drowned out by it—or vice versa. Our non-alcoholic organic spirit was made for the mix. 

The native botanicals that bely the spirits within each and every one of our bottles are a perfect mix of old-world flavours and new discoveries. 

If you are looking for flavour without the fall-out, embrace the moment and enjoy a tipple without the topple. If you seek the best of spirits minus the hard stuff that normally goes in, we welcome you to the mix.

Welcome to Banks Botanicals.

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Passion in every detail

Who We Are

 We are an organic, sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan non-alcoholic spirit made in Victoria’s Yarra Valley.  We use botanicals from the Australian bush.

Our vision was to create a non-alcoholic spirit that could hold its own when mixed, while remaining  sophisticated and bold enough to deliver a taste experience in-step with alcoholic spirit varieties. Banks is non-apologetic.

The unique blend of 5 ingredients – each individually distilled to ensure that the flavour and essence of each botanical is captured in their purest form.

With the global trends towards reduced alcohol consumption and health and wellbeing, Banks Botanicals is a product for our time.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks FAQs

What are some good non-alcoholic drinks?

If you're on the lookout for ideas for refreshing drinks, non-alcoholic are perfect for any occasion.

If you're using a distilled spirit, ensure that you review the types of botanicals used to distil the spirit and look for complimentary mixer flavours that help elevate some key notes. Banks Botanicals is a very versatile spirit and works well with a variety of mixers, we love mixing it with a grapefruit tonic to create an instant non-alcoholic mocktail . The cassia notes and complex flavours of Banks combined with the grapefruit create a perfect non-alcoholic drink. Mix it with your favourite tonic and add your botanical garnish for the perfect Mocktail.

When looking for refreshing non-alcoholic drinks, choose Banks for that sophisticated flavour.

Is Banks a sugar free non alcoholic drink?

Yes, Banks is sugar and sweetener free. This makes Banks a refreshing drink that is a calorie free non-alcoholic drink when mixed with soda water and a perfect low calorie non-alcoholic alcoholic drink when mixed with low calories alcohol free mixers.

What is the distilling process?

We start in the bush with the careful selection and curation of each of our botanicals. These plants must be of the finest quality so we can best capture the aromatic flavours and aroma each botanical represents to create our alcoholic free spirit

To make Banks, we run five separate distillations, each with their own tailored method. We then blend these together to create that distinctive Banks flavour. This takes time. And even though there are speedier ways to distil, we are unhurried because we only want the best extracts from each botanical.

One of the key reasons we distill in the Yarra Valley is to enable us to use Yarra Valley water. The water comes from the fresh mountain sources and we think our water contributes to our high quality.

The still is then filled with water and then heated.

Some Botanicals ae distilled in the pot ensuring that as the water heats up the vapours and aromas of the Botanicals are carried upwards and extracted from our botanicals.

Some botanicals are distilled in our copper baskets which means that once the Vapour from the pot passes through these more delicate botanicals the vapour lift and carry to botanical aroma.

Inflused vapour moves to the condensing column, where the copper starts to coolreturning the vapour to liquid that is now infused with the Botanical aroma.

The 5 Botanical distillations are then expertly blended to create Banks Botanicals

All that is left to do is mix it the way you want and enjoy!

Australian Drinks - Non-Alcoholic Spirit

Made with just the right amount of the highest quality ingredients, using 5 botanicals including Lemon Myrtle, Pepperberry, Lime, Wattleseed, and Cassia, Banks ensures that you stay part of the mix. Votes as one of the best non-alcoholic Spirits it is the perfect mixer to add to any non-alcoholic drink

Like other non-alcoholic beverages, Banks enables you to be part of the mix.

Discover the versatility of Banks with our list of mocktail recipes and get free shipping when you order two or more bottles of Banks!


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