The Top 5 Drinks to enjoy this summer

The non-alcoholic adult beverage market is gaining real momentum, with Forbes reporting that it surpassed US$11 billion globally in 2022.

To help make navigating this marketing a bit easier Roberta from Food, Wine travel have done the heavy lifting for us by reviewing 100's of product before creating her Top 5 short list.

Roberta calls out that many offerings fall short of the mark by attempting to compensate for the mouthfeel of alcohol's glycerol with added sugar, new players are appearing virtually every month and traditional players are starting to offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Whether you or someone you know is abstaining for health, religious or designated-driver reasons, opting for an alcohol-free day or tiger-striping (alternating non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks), it’s good to have something more interesting than lemon squash on offer. Here are five of the best non-alcoholic options she has found so far.


While many producers are stripping alcohol out of traditionally-made wines, this Aussie company starts by combining fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs to create a balanced layering of aromas, flavours and tannin. The lightly sparkling drinks look like white, rosé and red wines and smell and taste great, always with a refreshing acidity and underlying touch of salinity.



Campari-look-alike Etota from Byron Bay inspired me to create a non-alcoholic negroni sbagliato. Flavoured with gentian, rhubarb, grapefruit and rooibos, Etota is more bitter than Campari which I like. With a nip of Palermo Rosso, non-alcoholic ‘vermouth’, and a splash of Plus and Minus non-alcoholic prosecco, it makes a drink I’m happy to sip all night



Banks is a non-alcoholic gin-alternative distilled in the Yarra Valley with Aussie native botanicals including lemon myrtle, wattle and pepperberry. Mixed with the freshness of yuzu, lemon and basil, it makes a lightly sparkling, striking green drink that’s deliciously refreshing poured over ice. Aperol fans with a sweeter palate will also love the Banks Italian Spritz.



There’s nothing more refreshing than a G&T on a hot day – and this non-alcoholic alternative from southwest England comes pretty close to the real thing. Maritime botanicals marry with juniper and a light Indian tonic water to create the aroma and flavour of a classic gin and tonic. And the handy can makes it perfect for picnics and camping



While I generally prefer my wines super-dry, I make an exception for bubbles where I find a subtle touch of sweetness can help bring it all together. This Spanish fizz is a dealcoholized wine made from Airén, one of Spain’s most popular white grapes. It has good bead, a pleasant nose and is very easy-drinking.